Oothu Organic Green Tea is a quality product of The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited (BBTC). Currently the oldest listed company in the Bombay Stock Market, BBTC prides in its over 150 years of trail-blazing excellence BBTC is today the prominent entity belonging to the Wadia Group, a reputed Indian corporate conglomerate with interests in plantations, foods, textiles, chemicals, electronics and light engineering, health care and real estate. Bombay Burmah, Bombay Dyeing and Britannia are the mastheads of the Wadia Group.


The premium taste and flavour of the teas produced by BBTC have displayed consistency for over a century and hence remain a favourite amidst connoisseurs across the world.. Oothu Organic Green Tea hails from its Singampatti tea estates, situated amidst the picturesque mountain slopes, surrounded by virgin forests. BBTC follows organic cultivation practices in this estate. Complementing this benefit come the careful processing which strives to lock in the natural green tea health benefits in Oothu. Freshly plucked tea leaves are steamed in the celebrated Japanese method in state-of-the-art factory, to make Oothu Organic Green tea. It is this signature of quality which ensures you the best of green tea experiences and health benefits, with Oothu. Precisely why discerning customers across the world prefer Oothu.